GP practice mergers

Our healthcare expertise means we can identify the challenges and opportunities that occur when general practice mergers take place. We work with you to implement strategies and manage your business merger. Our expertise means you can trust us to take care of the forms, processes and paperwork so you don’t have to.

Business case development

Not all services are created equal. We can support you with strategic advice to develop your services, negotiate with commissioners and develop bids that support your business objectives, giving you the structure, skills and knowledge your service needs to thrive.

Federation development

The shift towards developing larger primary care teams has stimulated the development of collaborative working. This was represented in a push to form federations but beyond the initial concept many have struggled to define their role and purpose. We can support these entities and other forms of collaborative working, including Primary Care Home models, to define their purpose, identify opportunities, implement governance structures and to engage with their members and service users.

Our skills and other services


  • Succession planning
  • Merger support
  • Restructure support
  • Incident management


  • Primary care strategy development
  • Primary care solutions
  • Procurement and service design
  • Compliance and governance support


  • Strategy development
  • Bid management
  • Service design and structure
  • Engagement support


  • NHS engagement support
  • Service design
  • Bid management
  • Compliance and governance support

Commercial suppliers

  • NHS engagement planning
  • Health system training
  • Project implementation
  • Product development
  • Bid writing
  • Business development planning

Recent projects

Merger support

We assisted a partnership in acquiring two additional practices which were at risk of closure. This involved the development of a business plan to demonstrate the potential sustainability of the practices to NHS England and an implementation plan outlining the steps needed to deliver the changes.

By working closely with the partners and practice manager, the merger of the practices, team restructure and development of a new strategy for the future of the practices was successfully delivered on time and within budget.

Service design

A group of GP practices had a long history of trying to develop a new service for their population but had difficulties in obtaining commissioner approval. We were instructed to develop a business case for this service. This involved a review and audit of the activity data and assessing the potential implications of the service. This provided the operational and clinical justification for the service with a strong empirical basis. The business case was developed with direct references to the strategic objectives of both the national NHS team and local CCG. This ensured the service was compliant with the objectives of the commissioners. The new service was subsequently approved and has moved to the next stage of the commissioning process.

Bid management

A property developer requested assistance in ensuring their property funding bid offered sufficient information relating to the transformation of services. Documentation was reviewed and discussions were held with the clinicians and GP practices who were seeking to use the new service. This analysis allowed for a complete rewrite in a very short period of time which was well received by the client, the GPs and the CCG.

Professionals’ network

The network currently ensures that we have strong relationships with a wide range of experts able to assist our clients in relation to the following areas:

Clinical experts
Recruitment and workforce specialist
HR Management service
Specialist law firms
Strategy consultants
Property developers
Community Pharmacists
Waiting List Support Organisations